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Betty Irabor: Media personality celebrates 34 yrs wedding anniversary with husband

Betty Irabor and her husband, Soni are celebrating 34 years of marriage.

Betty Irabor, who is the publisher of Genevieve magazine gave an exciting remark regarding her wedding anniversary on Instagram.

Still blossoming and waxing strong in love, Betty Irabor was in a bright mood as she celebrated 34 years of marriage with her husband, Soni.

The media personality took to Instagram earlier today to express her excitement over the union which has produced two children.


Betty, who is the publisher of the Genevieve magazine wrote, "Tickle Tickle…34 years later..WE STILL DO!"

The philanthropist clocked 60 in March 2017 and she doesn't even look it.

Her admirable aura and high sense of fashion have portrayed her as one with a great deal of style as often seen in her public appearances.

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Together with her husband, Soni, a renowned journalist who is also the CEO of popular radio station, Inspiration FM, the pair are one power couple that serve a bunch of motivation to those aspiring to attain excellence.

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